Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

The Budweiser Clydesdales made a second trip to little old Venice and it was very very cold and extremely windy, but I spent three hours with them anyway : )  While walking back to my car, I caught my shadow.  I'm used to being tall, but dahling you just can't be too thin!

And would you look at all that light!  That's like 6:30 PM!  Yippee spring is coming for sure.  If you want to join in on the shadowy fun today, please click on the button to the right.  Peace.  B : )

I would be honored if you would visit my new on-line store and see some of the cards I have been making. Feel free to purchase some if you would like : )


sarayutouched said...

my goodness that is a long shadow...and isn't it wonderful that it is staying lighter longer!!! yah!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A lanky shadow
stretching down the street—when will
shadow and I meet?


Lily Hydrangea said...

nice fun shadow & oh so true, so true!

wanderlust said...

Sort of like a photo version of the funhouse mirror at the carnival! I like your human calendar, too!

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Great shot! Love all that sunlight - it gives everything a wonderful glow!

Dianne said...

fantastic shadow!!

Martha's Menagerie said...

Now that's one cool shadow shot!

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