Saturday, October 31, 2009

Camera Critters - no dogs today

Showing off our critters, big and small, is great fun - click on the Camer Critters button to the right and go see some more - maybe show off your critters too.  Here's mine for the week:

These lady bugs are supposed to be good luck, but since I don't believe in luck I will just say I have counted her as one of my many blessings.  Peace.  B : )

Color Carnival

Wow, last week's offerings were magnificent weren't they?  Made me drool : )  Should you wish to drool also, click on the little Color Carnival button over there to the right and go see.  Here's my entry for this week:

This lovely orchid would have been in with those 56 pix I took the other day when I was seeing what was blooming in the yards, but -the DH picked it a couple of days before that.  It's in a funny little vase that I just love, even though I'm not normally in to pastels.  Behind the orchid is a dried bougainvilla and some vintage bottles on a colorful tray.  And to the left is Big Red, but you can't see her too well.  I'll feature her some day.  Have a wonderful day and keep your eye out for colorful photo ops.  Peace.  B : )

Friday, October 30, 2009

Skywatch Friday - hmmm which is better the skies or it being Friday?

Thanks to the folks at Skywatch for allowing us to join them.  You can too - just click on the little Skywatch Friday over on the right.

We live less than a mile from the Gulf and sometimes the fog just rolls in over us.  I was trying to capture it this morning.  No doubt you real photographers have the buttons and settings and knowledge to use them, to do it better, but here's mine.  There's even a small patch of fog over to the left over the Mexican sunflowers....see it?  Squint, maybe then you can : )  Ahh life is good.  Enjoy your weekend.  Peace.  B : )

Fertilizer Friday - Oh poop it was tough making a choice

Welcome to Fertilizer Friday - later than usual.  Just click on the lovely little FF picture to your right, no, over a little, up a little, there you go - so you can join in all the fun.

This little beauty is a fern that grows wild in our yards - front, back, sides.  It's so light and delicate, almost like those air ferns, but this one climbs like crazy.  And occasionally it does this.  Gorgeous huh?  We don't know what it is or where it came from, but we sure feel blessed to have it.  Have a happy weekend.  Peace.  B : )

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This one is for Lydia (the picture) the information is for everyone : )

Once upon a time there was this lovely lady named Lydia.  She is an artist, she is a writer, she is a crafter, she does wonderful things like save the environment, and rescue cats, and all kinds of terrific things you can read about on her blog.  (Actually Lydia has more than one blog, but I'll let her "main" one lead you to more.)  Lydia is the kind, understanding, patient soul who taught me how to make and maintain a blog.  Yep, she's the one.  And guess how she did it - via webinar, all on-line, totally cool, I absolutely loved it.  And once you take one of Lydia's webinars, you can always take it again, for free....not that it costs much to begin with....which is a good feature since things don't always make much sense till you do them.  Like I'm just reading the manual on my camera and now it makes sense, since I've been using the camera for five years.  But that's another story.  Back to Lydia:

Right now Lydia is offering two blogs:

First, a $5, 45-minute webinar that teaches people how to use Google Reader to organize all their favorite blogs on the internet, and be able to retrieve posts they loved with just a click, organized by their own keywords. No more email subscriptions or saving cards to their hard drives. (She has one of these Thursday.)

Second, a $20, 90-minute webinar where she will teach students how to set up a Blogger blog, step by step, including customizing with HTML code, changing the layout, and setting up subscription options for their readers. One person on the webinar will get their blog set up by Lydia during the call.

She also creates blog and Etsy headers for people - they are $20, which includes two revisions, or $15 if combined with the Blogger webinar.

Where else can you get 90 minutes of entertainment AND knowledge for only $20.00?  And you meet some fun people, especially Lydia.  Please go on over to her blog and check it out - it's VERY pretty.

And Lydia, this one's for you:

Have a wonderful day, folks.  Be special to someone today.  Peace.  B : )

Watery Wednesday - What a Way to Wake up

My DH, Victor, is extremely talented, AND completely self-taught.  He's pretty amazing, in many, many ways.  Below is a mural he painted a while back in a customer's pool yard because they were tired of looking at the blank wall:

Make's a big difference, huh?  If the sky had cooperated in the after pictures, as well as it did in the before pictures, you could see how it all blends in nicely. And here he is cooling off from lots of yard work in our beautiful, yet undone, adorable little pool.  It's fiberglass and only four feet deep - just right for paddling around, floating on the raft, cooling off.  You can tell he's just thinking about the murals he is going to paint on all those (and more not shown) blank spots around the pool. Actually he's picking up leaves with his toes : ) 

Please click on the Watery picture to the right and it will float you on over to join in the fun.  Smile at someone today.  Peace.  B : )

ABC Wednesday - OOOOOOOOOOh look at the osprey, owl, and oranges

Today in Blogland we're featuring my DH Victor.  One of the many amazing things he does is paint murals, with a 4 inch house painting brush!  Here are a few he did at Nokomis Groves, featuring oranges:

One of the newspaper articles they did about himself.

There is one more to the right around the corner from the orange one, it goes all around the ice cream window.  These have actually been there for years now and are just getting a bit faded, but these pix are from when they were new.

And here are the owl and the osprey he did (pen and ink) in a set of four, along with the eagle and the hawk, who don't get to meet you today because they don't start with "O".

That's it for ABC Wednesday - click on the jelly bean sign to the right and it will take you there - so you can say your abc's in pix.  Victor is also in Watery Wednesday if you'd care to join him.  Be kind today.  Peace.  B : )

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News Flash - I think I just invented reverse bokeh - yeah, really!

This morning at around 4:00, I got the dogs all suited up in their harnesses and stuff and we stepped out onto the front porch to go for our walk - it was sprinkling.  I decided sprinkling is good, we can do it.  By the time we got down to the mail box, it was pouring.  I could do pouring - they can't, they get scared, they run under low hanging thick trees and try to decapitate me.  So we came back in.  It stopped raining.  Anyway, the point of this story is that a few hours later, when normal people are getting up, it was fresh and dewy and overcast - perfect photo ops (see I AM learning from the class I'm taking).  So I decided to go out and photograph everything that was blooming and/or interesting in the yards.  When I came back in, I had 56 pictures and that was without re-shooting the rose (see below in Ruby Tuesday) and the most gorgeous orchid that the DH picked yesterday.  I guess there are some perks to living in Florida.  Anyway, it was also a little breezy, and perhaps I was a little more shaky than usual, but a lot of the pictures are really nice and clear in the background but the focal subject (don't you love it when I talk photo) is blurry, like bokeh, only in reverse.  Does it already have a name?  You may or may not get to see those pictures, or I may go out and retake them.  I'll have enough fodder for a year of Fertilizer Fridays!  I will show you one non-bokeh picture now though.  Please don't think I did this on purpose - I went for the vine and got the rain/dew as a bonus.

That is what first year blackberry bushes look like in the Fall, in Florida - not lovely, but better than the blueberry bushes - they died : (   Anyway, I wanted a picture of curly little dried up vine, and look at the bonus just above it, the rain/dew. I wish I could say I am a brilliant photographer, but it was just a "meant to be".  Please notice, however, that the focal subject is a little to the left, keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds we learned about last night.  Have a great day. If you're in a dreary place, mentally or physically, remember you can get out of it.  Try thinking about the 56 lovely things in my yard this morning.  Peace.  B : )

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Ruby Tuesday Time (please sing to the tune of Howdy Doody's theme song)

What do you mean you don't know Howdy Doody's theme song?  You must be waaaaay too young.  Oh wait, I think HD may have been a regional thing - and I'm from New Jersey.This was a hard choice, since I love red, almost as much as yellow and orange, but I decided to give my scraggly, sad looking, very long stemmed rose a chance to be in the spotlight.  Roses don't do all that well at my house, but I usually have a few to look at. This was the only one available today:

Please join the Ruby Tuesday gang at .  Come on, it's more fun that watching Howdy Doody.  Smile.  Peace.  B : )

Monday Mosaic - Autumn Colors

Boy I had to work hard on this one!  And PhotoShop Elements was not cooperating so nothing got cropped.  Forgive me, please.

Think I have to go take a nap now.  Please visit and look at Mary's breathtaking photography - and perhaps leave some of your own.  Happy day.  Peace.  B : )

Mellow Yellow Monday

Monday already.  Those of you who have to go off to work - I feel your pain, believe me, I did it for many, many years, sometimes two and three jobs at a time, and the house, and the husband, and the pets, and the blah blah blah.  Working women of the world - I SALUTE YOU!!!  Anyway, here's my photo for today and this one is just for you:

If you have some nice happy sunshiney yellow you'd like to share, click on the little logo on the right side.

This is also Monday Mosaic day, and this week's theme is Autumn Color.  Well, we don't have much of that here in SW Florida, so I have to take some pix indoors since most of my house is decorated in Autumn Color.  When that's all done, I'll be backkkkkkk.  Until we meet again.  Peace. B : )

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My First Sketch Challenge

Those of you who have seen my cards know I usually do better than this.  Perhaps I have just reinforced what I've always known - I don't like to be told what to do.  Although the sketches are suggestions, not instructions, my creative side must not have taken it that way. The sketch itself was just a greyscale picture of three boxes - I got to do the rest.  At least it's clean and simple : )

Recipe:  Cardstock by Stampin Up, patterned paper is Harvest by Imagine That, SU stamp sets used are Fall Whimsy and Loads of Love Accessories, ink is SU Chocolate Chip, twine and adhesives from my stash.

Gotta go make something really nice to counteract this : )  If you like cards and some other crafts, go over to Splitcoast Stampers and spend some time, like a week, and look around:

Hope you're having a blessed Sunday.  Peace.  B : )

Shadow Shot Sunday

This time I went out looking for shadow shots.  Well, I didn't go far, just the back yard.  Then when I saw the shot, it was, what shall I say? - less than satisfying.  So I thought hmmmmm, shadows are black (sort of) so let's try black and white.  I think the black and white is more interesting.  What do you think?

OK, I know, they're both not fantastic, but I'm pretty sure the black and white is the better of the two.  Why not go over to see all the spectacular shadow shots and maybe leave one of your own?  Have a wonderful Sunday.  Be a blessing to someone today.  Peace.  B : )

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Camera Critters - Thank You Josie

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of the horrific day we had to give Josie her wings.  This post is to honor her kind and gentle soul, and to thank her for all the joy she brought into our lives.  Josie's racing name was Yruska's Yvette, but she came to us as Josie and Josie she stayed.  That racing name was too fancy for her - she was a downhome girl.  We love her.

Go on over and visit Martha and leave a critter pic for all of us to see.

Make it a great day for you and someone else.  Peace.  B : )

Mosaic Monday - In The Pink

That would be last Monday.  I'm just squeaking in under the wire on this more ways than one.  My pinks are quite a variation and some run into the purples and even maybe just a little orange.  Sorry - most of my flowers are NOT pink.  The most wonderful blog - Dear Little Red House - is where I found the Mosaic Monday meme.  Please go there and drool : )
Here's my pitiful first try at a mosaic : )

Well, they may not all be perfectly pink, but they are all from my yard.  That bougainvilla there shouldn't even look pink - it's really burnt orange, like a clay pot sort of, but it turns colors when the flowers are out in the sun too long.  Maybe I should put sunscreen on it.  I was REALLY stretching when I used the cactus flower with the pink stamen - that is a stamen right?  Can't wait to see what the theme is for next Monday!  Have a happy weekend.  Peace.  B : )

Friday, October 23, 2009

Color Carnival

The one I wanted to use last week and it wouldn't work - I got it to work, and here it is:

It was about to be a gift giving holiday and I asked Grandmom (my husband's grandmom, but oh how I loved her) what her favorite colors were and she said pink and blue.  This is what I came up with for her.  She loved it, but then she loved everything I did - what a great woman : )  Don't know where it is now.  Hope to see all your colors at Martha's colorful blog .  Have a happy weekend.  Peace.  B : )

Sky Watch Friday

Usually I don't photograph the sky, but I did  the other day, and when I got to looking at this one, I was captivated.  Look to the left of the picture and see how the clouds are mimicing the shapes of the trees:

Is that not cool???  Many, many people participate in Sky Watch Friday - you can to at   Peace.  B : )

It's Fertilizer Friday Again - I thought it would never come!!

If you were checking out this blog last Friday, you saw one of the cactus flowers that blooms at night and, sadly, only blooms for one night.  This week, I have pix of the other one.  This one grows from a scraggly, ugly duckling of a cactus transplant that's having a tough time of it at the bottom of one of our dead trees that we keep for the woodpeckers and some other birds.  But when it bloomed, it proved to be gorgeous.  Perhaps not as showy as last week's, but nice nonetheless.  Here it is:

Go on over to and flaunt your flowers.  Happy Fertilizer Friday.  Make it a good one.  Peace.  B : )

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh My Goodness - I Lied

and I certainly didn't mean to - always try not to.  Remember when I said that one cactus produced a fruit called Jack Fruit?  I was wrong.  Now I can't remember what it IS called - maybe Tiger Fruit?  Well, have a look anyway, maybe you know the name.  It's very pretty; it smells good; it tastes good; it has the consistency of a Kiwi fruit.  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ABC Wednesday - The Noble Letter N

N is for NanNan and here she is (on the right):

Well, I so hope the rules about taking the pix yourself are not real strict cause I surely wasn't there when this was taken.  NanNan is what I used to call my Grandmother (on my mother's side, obviously).  When I got older I called her something else, but that's another story.  Isn't she beautiful?  And sooooo short!  That's PopPop, my Grandfather, next to her and behind her is his mother. I know that she came over on the boat from Ireland, but I don't know about NanNan and PopPop, since family history was so guarded (see my very first post to understand this).  This picture was taken in South Philly.  My Grandmother had the very softest facial skin in the whole world, I can still feel it today.  Join in the fun, go on over to the ABC Wednesday blog and show us your Ns.

Happy Wednesday - Happy N.  Peace.  B : )

It's time for Watery Wednesday again

This is a picture of CiCi and me just floating around enjoying the sun

Notice how my little girl strategically manages to hide some of my fat - good girl Ci!!

I'm thinking about hiring the DH out as a pool boy - he does such good work,  but he's busy doing his remodeling, and making our yards beautiful, and drawing pictures, and helping others, and making guitars, so I guess that wouldn't work : )

Happy Watery Wednesday - go on over to and get your feet wet!

Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

This yummy car belongs to a friend of ours - mmmmmm.

I've had a life long love affair with cars, especially ones that go fast and this one qualifies.

Run on over to Mary's terrific blog at and add your special brand of redness.  Have a great day.  Peace.  B : )

Mellow Yellow Monday

Last week I was going through tubs of stuff my husband was pulling out of the storage room in the garage.  Two tubs were things I had brought home from my cube at work.  I found a picture of Fred in is utilitarian green plastic raincoat and one of Jack in his yellow slicker.  I had cut them from two pictures, put them together, and made them round to fit in a small round frame.  All of this is to explain that this is an old picture (Jack got his wings over four years ago) and it's not a good picture as I had to scan a cut up scrap.  But here it is:

He was very happy.  But then Jack was always happy. The picture of Fred shows that he was unhappy because his raincoat was a utilitarian dark green plastic ugly thing.  Raincoat envy - it's a sad thing.

Help make your Monday more fun and go on over to and have some yellow fun.  Make it a great day.  Peace.  B : )

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Color Carnival Entry - before I forget again

Mmmmmmm colors.  I LOVE colors....especially in paper and fabrics - they both absolutely make me drool.  I love color more than the actual art.  You could show me a stack of folded towels or sweaters, each in a different color and my reaction is like that of someone gazing at some great artist's work.  I just love color - did I mention that?

This is a quilted pillow I made.  I had hoped to show you a different, more colorful one, but for some reason the upload failed.  Guess I need to spend some time figuring out why and maybe I can show it next time.

Why don't you go on over to Martha's Color Carnival site and show us some color

Have a happy day.  I'm making a full-fledged turkey dinner today for the younger step-daughter, Leanna, who is going to be 21 years old tomorrow!  Peace.  B : )

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drum Roll Please - Another Craft Item

These bags were made for my friend's bosses for Boss's Day.  The folks at her work filled them with candy.  And she helped make them, which was a whole lot more fun than doing it myself.  Also, I find that if I have a reason to make something, it comes to me easier than if I just go to my craft room to make something for stock.  I'm told the bosses liked the bags:

Please note the copyright on this picture.  This is an official photo by Ricepatty at Ricepatty's Repertoire  She's multi-talented - check her out.

Have a happy evening.  Peace.  B : )

Photo Hunt - Haven't done this one before

It's a good week for me to start too because it's a free week at .  We don't do much for Halloween around here (GASP) - I know lots of people love it, but we don't, especially since kids stopped coming way back after 9-11.  Sad but true.  I used to work with a guy who told me he and his family loved Halloween so much they had 10 boxes of decorations and only 1 for Christmas.  We're the opposite here - I'm like the original Christmas fairy or something.  So to make up for it, here are two photos.  If you stand on your head, squint your eyes, and whistle Monster Mash, you could consider them spooky : )

This one is the sky from yesterday morning when our cold front was brewing:

I went out and took about a dozen pix and every one was different - it was a wild sky for sure.  When I started on the computer this morning it was 73 here, now it's 68, so it's really a cold front, honest.

Here is a neighbor's cat.  Keep in mind this was shot through a dirty window, a dirtier screen, and on a long telephoto lens.  He was lying up on the pool yard wall where he knows the dogs won't get him.  Smart cat.  Don't know his name.  I'll ask him next time I see him.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a happy Saturday.  Peace.  B : )

It's Time for Camera Critters Again - Yippee!!

Go to to participate.

When we had a house full of Greyhounds (three) my DH's sister came to stay with us for a while with two very small mini rat terriers.  We never liked small dogs, but got kind of used to them.  When she left, we agreed we should get a small dog.  I found Ricky (who was Skippy then) and called DH and asked "how small does he have to be?"  Ricky was much smaller than the Greyts, but much larger than the rat terriers, but darn he was cute.  He has since come to be known as The Cutest Dog in The Whole Wide World.  Since he came into a Greyt house, he learned to be like them.  You will see pix some day of him stretched out on his back like they do.  He got to be a bit larger too (by 10 pounds I'm ashamed to say) some from Dad showing love by treats and some from those horrible meds for his allergies.  Anyway, in the interim, we lost two of the Greyts, first Josie, then our first one, Fred - won't talk about that now.  I went to see more Greyts and it was too early for that, so I found another terrier on the internet, through Canine Castaways.  I loved her look and her story, she sounded like she'd fit right in.  She's a terror.  The animal behaviorist said she's a bitch (well, yeah, scientifically, but personality-wise too) however, CiCi and I get along wonderfully.  The AB says she doesn't love me, she just thinks she owns me.  She's right too.  So, after all that, here are Ricky and his little "mini me", CiCi, waiting for yet another meal:

If you have any questions about pet adoption, animal behaviorists, Greyhounds, terriers in general, or anything really, just put them in the comments and I will answer.  Thanks for looking.  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )  Oops, forgot part of the story - Ricky is now being more like a terrier and Jeff is left alone as our only Greyt - ahhh but for how long???

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - I LOVE it!!

If you go to you will find a wonderful gardening blog - and they want your flower photos.  Since I couldn't come up with a good photo challenge to enter for Thursday, I thought I'd put up four photos today, just for Fertilizer Friday.  That tickles me : )  Here you go:

Although I miss a few things about New Jersey, mostly snow, which we didn't get enough of, sometimes I DO love Florida!  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

It's Fantastic Fun Fantasy Friday - I just made that up in my head : )

Jeff, the Greyhound, likes to drink out of one of the birdbaths - he rarely uses any of the others, just this one...probably because it's closest to the house and he's lazy.  Don't believe it when people tell you Greyhounds are hyper and need lots of exercise.

Just look what Jeff found in his birdbath today:

Just kiddin'.  Just having fun.  Just having a Fantastic Fun Fantasy.  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally, a CARD!! The Real Reason I Started This Blog....

Well, I finally got around to making a card to show you on this blog, which is why I wanted the blog in the first place.  Turns out making the card was WAY easier than photographing it.  The colors turned out pretty awful, but that's why I'm going to class.  This is called a Tri-Fold Shutter Card and the envelope is called a Box Envelope because it has lots of room, even for gift cards.  My step-daughter's birthday is in the Fall and she loves cats, so I had to find some way to combine them, even though they don't really go together.  This is what I did:

That's it opened up - I didn't take a pic of it closed.  Here's the envelope:

Cardstock:  Bazzill and Stampin' Up
Patterned Papers:  Harvest by Imagine That (bought at Big Lots)
Punches: Stampin' Up, E K Success, All Night Media
Stamps:  Stampin' Up - Celebrate Everything and Three Thoughts  Inkadinkado - Cattitude
Adhesives: Redline, Scor Pal, Stampin' Up, Zots, Tombow
Ink: VersaMark
Button, Twine, Brads, Wooden Leaves all from my stash

White Wednesdays

OMG, when I saw Kathleen's blog, I e-mailed a few people and told them I was leaving - going to live with her.  What a beautiful world she has created for herself and her family.  Check it out, and White Wednesdays, at (   Here's my white picture:

This is Ms. Lila, in her youth, after I rescued her.  I fear she'll be leaving us soon, so this is sort of a tribute to her : )     Peace.  B : )

Watery Wednesday

This picture is not actually real water; it's a shot of a small part of the mural my DH painted for the pediatric dentist.  Hope you like it:

If you can, head on over to and see what it's all about.  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

ABC Wednesdays - Brought to You by the Letter M

M is for Mother.  This is my elder step-daughter, Ashley, and her son, Lincoln:

This picture is certainly not the best, photographically, but I found it to be very touching.  Go on over to and see the other pix, maybe enter one yourself.  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

This is Jeff, the Greyhound.  He has such a problem relaxing doesn't he?  When we first got Ricky, the larger of the furry terriers, he came into a home occupied by three Greyhounds and he quickly learned to be just like them, quiet, lounging around, laid back.  Then within seven heartbreaking months, we lost Josie and Fred.  It was just too soon to adopt another Greyhound; my heart couldn't take it.  So we got CiCi, the princess, the total terrier.  Now Ricky is leaning more toward being a terrier than a Greyhound.  I'm thinking we'll need another Greyhound to love soon!

Mary, over at hosts Ruby Tuesday.  She is also having the Great Ruby Tuesday Giveaway.  Check it out and show her some love.  Her own entry is nothing short of brillilant!

Have a happy day, and, please, keep a spot in your heart for the folks who aren't.  Peace.  B : )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank YOU So Much!!

Funny how life throws you curves - funny and fun.  When I recently started this blog, it was to join in on all the wonderful blogs made by fellow cardmakers - and I haven't posted a single card yet.  I got caught up in all  the photo challenges instead.  How exciting life can be, huh?  I want to thank all the people who have left comments on this blog.  I couldn't begin to tell you how exciting that is.  I run in the other room and tell the DH OMG I got 11 comments and I don't even know 8 of the people!! 

Just to show you how much I appreciate the comments, I am offering prizes - totally worthless but might make you happy kind of prizes.  You have a choice of (a) a good long look at Jeff, the senior dog in our house, whose biggest job seems to be relaxing:

or (b) you can gaze upon The Cutest Dog in The Whole Wide World, Ricky:

or (c) The Princess, CiCi, will allow you to look at her, but just for a second:

Now, if you have commented more than once, you may have two of the above prizes.

AND, if you do me a big favor and go to and take a look around, leave some comments, you can have all THREE of the prizes : )  That was meant to be my husband's blog to show off his talents and drum up some interest in his magnificent hand crafted electric guitars.  But I haven't done such a great job with that one yet and need some encouragement, so comments are not only accepted, but outright solicited!  We have gathered up some photo taking props and today I start a little photo taking class (with the lovely Ricepatty from ), so maybe we can put up some pix that actually do the guitars some justice.

Thanks for looking, thanks for the comments, have a happy day, peace.  B : )
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