Monday, March 1, 2010

Seven Days - Seven Answers

Monday, March 1, 2010

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Marketers Say Oh Yes To Ohno
I think most of the cheesy horrible Ohno/Oh Yes headlines have been written but take your best shot at a few more. Or, feel free to write another horrible headline.
Well, this will be tough for me because I don't do news; however, I do read headlines and I have seen some awful ones.  I have to slow down and figure out what they're talking about, and insert commas and other punctuation to make it make sense in my head.  I think I'm headline challenged, almost as bad as my numeric problem.  Since the only ONO I know anything about is Yoko, here's a good alternative "FLIPPER A KEY LINK IN INQUIRY", this was on the front page of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Saturday.  OK, my mind is on the killer whale - you know, the one who did what his name implies after being forced to do tricks for people so other people could make money on him, and that surprised people?? Anyway, I'm wondering why Flipper, the dolphin in old TV shows, is a key link in an inquiry about the killer whale.  What was he, a character witness?  Then I remembered the paper was still stuck on someone who was flipping houses.  Jeez, if it were about Flipper I might actually have read the story. 

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Call Me Cate said...

It amazes me that they come up with these headlines and think they're being catchy to grab your attention. But when you think you'll be reading about the dolphin and end up reading about real estate? All they've done is mislead you. Not cool.

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