Monday, March 1, 2010

NoBloPoMo - March - The theme is strange(r)

Pardon the repeat, but since NoBloPoMo's March theme is strange(r), I MUST repeat my Shadow Shot Sunday picture.  And just to clear things up, this is a lizard, not a fish, AND it did not die on the sidewalk - it was eaten by an owl or hawk or racoon and came out the other end and when the other "stuff" biodegraded, this is what was left.  This is one of my "bones of contention" with the establishment.  They make you clean up dog poo, but no one cleans up after the wild animals and that Venetian Waterway Park is overpopulated with wild animal poo.  I think the City/County/State government should waste some more money and hire someone to clean up after the wilds.  : )

If you're interested in NaBloPoMo or just need some mojo for your blog, click on the button to the right - that fancy black and red one over there.  Peace.  B : )Edited - the NaBloPoMo button is not working again, even after I fixed it yesterday, so just go to to visit.  Thanks.  I'll work on that later.

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Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my goodness...that's a surprise. I most certainly thought it was a fish!! In fact, I think I mentioned 'fish' in my comment about it prior to today. Yes, it IS strange....but oh so very interesting.

And nope...didn't smack Bud all over the place after the hockey game....dang! Why didn't I think of that? [kidding!]

Ricepatty said...

That's so strange - the other day when I saw it I thought it was a bat - tee hee. What s soap box btw!

Martha said...

Cool picture, really creepy but captivating.
Thanks for your visit to my blog, I appreciate it.

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