Saturday, December 5, 2009

Color Carnival and Camera Critters - a twofer for youfer : )

We are blessed to be friends with a stained glass artist. These are two of his
 pieces. We also have some old pieces, even at least one from England. While we are counting blessings, we live with Ricky, one of the furry terriers, who sometimes has an identity crisis, thinking he's a cat.

This Camera Critters entry is in memorium.  All of these beautiful babies in this picture have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.  That's Fred on the right, our first Greyhound.  In the middle is Jack whom we got a month after Fred because Greyhounds are like potato chips and because Fred was a special needs Greyhound, incredibly shy and afraid, especially of men, so Victor wanted one for his own.  On the left is our lovely Josie.  The boys lives were so wrapped up in themselves, we decided to shake it up a bit and get a girl. They were having a long tongue contest here - I can't remember who won, it was five years ago.  The next picture is the same as this one, but in Coloring Book mode - isn't it cool?

Talk about blessings!  I hadn't had any dogs in ten years when we decided to adopt a Greyhound.  Everyone tells me how lucky they were - oh no.  We are the ones who are blessed to have had them in our lives.  What wonderful dogs!  Good memories to you.  Peace.  B : )
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Ricepatty said...

Great stained glass shot. The one of the 3 beauties made me tear up - love the red harnesses and you!

Martha in PA said...

Thanks for stopping by my reflections post, and for your kind comment!

Our Yorkie would lay on the back of the sofa like that... I too think it was because of the cats in the house, also it seemed like if she would lay on the floor near the sofa, I would always drop the remote on her poor head.. I miss her, and hope she is happy with her new family (we could only bring one dog when we moved)

I love our dog Princess, she is my constant companion, but had I known more about the greyhound rescues when we moved to FL I would have loved to adopted one, Princess was a rescue dog too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful critter photos, I love your dear Greyhounds. Great shots!

We love Luna said...

I think this artist is very creative and talented, it's wonderful!
Beautiful pictures and choice for this theme!
Happy CC

Dianne said...

your dear greyhounds are beautiful, the photo is a wonderful tribute

Snap said...

The stained glass is lovely. I did think your dog was a cat when I first looked at the photo! And, your greyhounds -- I've heard nothing but good things from people who have adopted them -- saying they are such sweet and loving dogs. Lucky for all of you.

storyteller said...

Kewl critter photos ;-)
I recall chatting with a gal at the OC Fair a while back about greyhounds and considered adopting one myself before Molly came into my life first.
Hugs and blessings,
My Camera Critters

chubskulit said...

love the sketches... Lucky for both you and them.

Mine is up now too

Martha@Menagerie said...

Awww, what beautiful babies! Love little Ricky thinking he's a cat too, that's the first thing I thought when I saw the photo :-)

Manang Kim said...

Your post makes me smile, thank goodness it is not just human who has identity crisis so do our beloved critters. Thanks for sharing happy weekend!

My Camera Critters

Quilt Works said...

Nice set of photos, I particularly like the groyhounds

... "Simplicity is beautiful"</a

Carletta said...

At first I thought Ricky was a very furry cat! :)
The stained glass is beautiful. I can only imagine a sunny day shining through them.
Love tribute to your wonderful dogs.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

So nice to rescue those lovelies!!

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