Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ABC Wednesday - brought to you by the letter V

In my life the letter V would have to represent Victor, my husband, since he has filled my life for 18 1/2 years now - he has made it better, he has made it fuller, he has made it more fun, he has given me children I didn't have to birth, and now a grandchild, and a whole host of siblings and aunts and uncles and best of all, a Mother and Father.  No, he's not perfect - who is, but God?  But life has sure been better with him than without.  Thank you, Victor (and God).

And, as an added bonus, there are Lincoln and Jeffie.  Peace.  B : )  Click on the alphabet button to the right to join in.


Roger Owen Green said...

my former choir director's name is Victor. Good name.

Rinkly Rimes said...

It sounds as though he's been victorious!

Ricepatty said...

Oh Victor! Thank you for bringing so much joy to B. Love the pic - the baby carrier is a stitch!

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