Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Way ThursWay

Ricepatty and I saw this "sign" on one of the walkways at Shamrock Park.  Looks sort of alien doesn't it?  But it's probably something more mundane like a construction sign.  I like it though : )

Please click on the This Way ThursWay button to your right if you'd like to participate.  Peace.  B : )

I would be honored if you would visit my new on-line store and see some of the cards I have been making. Feel free to purchase some if you would like : )


Ricepatty said...

I can't believe you posted that- hahaha that is hilarious :) Good one!!!!

Martha's Menagerie said...

I found some interesting things on roads and sidewalks while out walking - it always makes me wonder what it's all about.

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