Tuesday, October 27, 2009

News Flash - I think I just invented reverse bokeh - yeah, really!

This morning at around 4:00, I got the dogs all suited up in their harnesses and stuff and we stepped out onto the front porch to go for our walk - it was sprinkling.  I decided sprinkling is good, we can do it.  By the time we got down to the mail box, it was pouring.  I could do pouring - they can't, they get scared, they run under low hanging thick trees and try to decapitate me.  So we came back in.  It stopped raining.  Anyway, the point of this story is that a few hours later, when normal people are getting up, it was fresh and dewy and overcast - perfect photo ops (see I AM learning from the class I'm taking).  So I decided to go out and photograph everything that was blooming and/or interesting in the yards.  When I came back in, I had 56 pictures and that was without re-shooting the rose (see below in Ruby Tuesday) and the most gorgeous orchid that the DH picked yesterday.  I guess there are some perks to living in Florida.  Anyway, it was also a little breezy, and perhaps I was a little more shaky than usual, but a lot of the pictures are really nice and clear in the background but the focal subject (don't you love it when I talk photo) is blurry, like bokeh, only in reverse.  Does it already have a name?  You may or may not get to see those pictures, or I may go out and retake them.  I'll have enough fodder for a year of Fertilizer Fridays!  I will show you one non-bokeh picture now though.  Please don't think I did this on purpose - I went for the vine and got the rain/dew as a bonus.

That is what first year blackberry bushes look like in the Fall, in Florida - not lovely, but better than the blueberry bushes - they died : (   Anyway, I wanted a picture of curly little dried up vine, and look at the bonus just above it, the rain/dew. I wish I could say I am a brilliant photographer, but it was just a "meant to be".  Please notice, however, that the focal subject is a little to the left, keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds we learned about last night.  Have a great day. If you're in a dreary place, mentally or physically, remember you can get out of it.  Try thinking about the 56 lovely things in my yard this morning.  Peace.  B : )


Ricepatty said...

Totally neat shot! You are learning a lot from ol' Chuck :)

Tootsie said...

a year of Fertilizer Fridays sounds good to me! I have the same photo issues a lot...I just thought it was because I don't know what the heck I'm doing!!! lol

Vicki ~ FL said...

Cool shot but I want to know who ol' Chuck is that PM aka Ricepatty is talking about. I'm looking for some photography classes because photography is pretty new to me.

Martha (Menagerie) said...

Yeah, ditto what Vicki said - we want to go too!
The photo is excellent B, great job!
I'm one of the abnormal people, my alarm goes off at 4:30am - ugh!

Martha (Menagerie) said...

PS I had a 5 acre fence lined with the most amazing blackberry bushes when I lived in Ocala - you have no idea how much I miss them! I didn't even know they would grow here! Do you get good berries?

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