Monday, October 12, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

Hooray!  A day made just for me!  Yellow is my favorite color, although my blog is mostly green : )  The best combination for me is yellow/green/white.  So while visiting Vicki's beautiful blog  this morning, I was thrilled to see the Mellow Yellow Monday challenge.  Here's mine

You can join in on the fun too, just go to and add your picture.

BTW, can any of you REAL photographers tell me what that blurry spot is right in the middle of the picture?  Would appreciate your help.  Thanks.  Have a happy day.  Peace.  B : )

1 comment:

Martha in PA said...

Welcome to MYM!

That could be lens flare if you were shooting in the direction of the sun. I like to think of them as spirits in my photos!!! I found one in a photo I took of my daughter in front of a giant pumpkin this weekend, the sun was a little to the left of the shot, I thought I was safe.

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