Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday and Lose For Good

As I mentioned on a previous post, I rejoined Weight Watchers as a lapsed life member, a few weeks ago.  Right now they are running a program called LOSE FOR GOOD which includes ways to help fight hunger for others while losing weight for ourselves.  Today is Lose-A-Palooza!  It's a very worthy project and I would personally appreciate it if you would follow this link and read what it's all about.  Just by following the link, Weight Watchers will donate one dollar!  Thanks.

As for Ruby Tuesday, well, it's pretty sad.  This is my heart

and this is my heart after our trip to the Vet's yesterday

My Jeffie has bone cancer.  I can't write more about it right now - maybe another day when I can focus.  Your prayers to keep him comfortable for a while longer would be appreciated.

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Auntie E said...

Cancer is so hard to fathom no matter who has it. I am so convinced that the products we have been use for years and the environment have added to this and has been the cause of the increase in animals and humans. We had a bird with cancer and each 9 years he succumbed to it. The treatments did help and he had a wonderful life.
My Ruby Link for you

Ricepatty said...

My heart is breaking along with you :(

Martha (MM) said...

I am so sorry Bonnie. Patrice gave me the news. You know my heart is breaking for you. My thoughts and prays are with you. (((Big hug)) my friend.

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