Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ABC Wednesday and Watery Wednesday

Wow - STILL recovering from this virus or whatever - it's reduced me to a sissy! and made me miss some posts.  But here we go:

ABC Wednesday - H is for HOME
My apologies if I've broken any rules about photos being taken by me.  This homecoming event was around the time of my birth so no, I didn't take this one, but I love it, so here it is : )  These fine gentlemen are my grandfather and my uncle.

Watery Wednesday
The kiddo, in his pool, at his first birthday party a few months ago.

If you would care to join in on these great memes, please click on the appropriate button(s) to the right!  Happy Wednesday.  Peace. B : )


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Hope you're feeling better now! And I'm sure glad to know you didn't really take the top photo...LOL...just kidding.

Your watery Wednesday photo is so darned cute.

Do stop by to visit with me at Driftwood Tree on the Shore. Have a great Wednesday.

mrsnesbitt said...

Good to know you are feeling better! A fantastic splash event there.

Thanks so much
ABC Team

Becca's Dirt said...

Precious baby photo. I've been pouring through old photos. The black and whites are so interesting. Happy Wednesday.

Kate said...

The homecoming photo is pretty special!

Manang Kim said...

Hope you are better now. Like your shots thanks for sharing!

ABC Wednesday-H

Anonymous said...

Very handsome gentlemen & what a cuuute baby!

Happy WW

Lyndsey said...

I'm sure they will let it slide if you didn't take the phot! I like the shot though.

And you can't help but love the first birthday in the pool!

G\Hope you kick this virus!

Roger Owen Green said...

no, no rules about not taking your own pictures as long as you don't try to pass them off as your own, which in the case of the 1st pic would have been some trick!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

jay said...

No, as Roger says, no rules about who has to take the picture, as long as there is no infringement of rights! I do like the old photos, too - interesting to see how people dressed, what cars they drove etc.

Thanks for taking part!

Martha (MM) said...

Just popping in so I can be the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great day tomorrow :-)

gel said...

Enjoyed them both! Sounds like you're also a Sept. BD like me? Happy BD wishes.

JO said...

love the smile on the kid.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

Cindy said...

I love the old photo of your grandfather and uncle and the one of your baby is very sweet!
Hugs, Cindy

Tumblewords: said...

Hope you're feeling swell! Both photos are terrific - worlds apart and yet connected. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

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Gattina said...

What a cute picture in your garden ! Love the froggy swimming pool, lol !
Gattina from the ABC team

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