Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day - NOT!!

Of course it's not, but when I was uploading and organizing photos to PSE this one caught my eye as a perfect St. Patrick's Day photo - well maybe not perfect. I guess it should have a FOUR leafed clover.
Back to Mellow Yellow Monday, where I belong - our Mexican Sunflowers did not bloom hardly at all this year.  They grew and they multiplied, but they  didn't bloom.  Some of the people we gifted with these plants had the same experience.  Guess it was our cold winter.  But here is one anyway, sharing the spotlight with yet another snail.  This was taken in the dark with a flash - I sort of like that look
These are my birthday flowers from Victor - pretty huh?
And these next two are the gift and card my elder step-daughter made for me. It's hard to see, but the artwork is done on canvas with paints and layers of paper.  She's very talented

Have a lovely Monday - a brand new week to start over again!  If you would care to join in on a meme, click on the button of your choice over there to the right.  Peace  B : )


Vicki ~ FL said...

Very nice 'flash' show of the sunflower....the flowers from Victor are beautiful but my favorite of all of these pictures is "the end".

Ricepatty said...

Great job as always - I took night shots of my mexican sunflower with the bees sleeping on them with flash and they came out pretty good too and I managed not to disturb the bees :) love your "end"ing

Martha (MM) said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day (not) to you too! Yep, "the end" shot is my favorite too!
Hope you are all better now - now I'm home sick!

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