Monday, August 2, 2010

Somewhere in between NoBloPoMo Green, Mellow Yellow Monday, and Ruby Tuesday, I switched to CHROME!!

Ahh confessions of a speed freak - I love to go fast, I hate to wait, instant gratification is my life - and now I can indulge it all, legally and healthfully, with CHROME.  This is Google's browser.  While on the phone with an extremely helpful rep from Belkin, sharpening my accent recognition skills, he said to me, your browser is too slow.  Hmmmmm.  Years back when I first started computers, and I mean years, I used to keep two browsers because one was good for some things, the other was good for others (searching for speed).  I had removed the other browser so long ago that I don't even remember its name.  But it all clicked when this uber patient gentleman said your browser is too slow.  So I went in search and came up with what I still don't know if it is Foxfire or Firefox, and Chrome.  I read reviews of the pros and cons and decided to go with Google - it's always been good to me. So I took less than a minute to download the thing and OMG is it fast!!  Have you tried it?  What do you think?

Back to our regularly scheduled posts:

NaBloPoMo Green:

This is that crazy amorphophalicwhateveryoucallit plant I told you about before - this is the stem as it looked in October last year.  Behind it is passion fruit vine, honeysuckle and/or jasmine, wild grape, flame vine, and possibly some poison ivy. 

Mellow Yellow Monday:

Hawaii in our back yard - yummy!  This is frangipani, otherwise known as mmmmmmmmmmm can't think of it - whenever I remember one name, I can't think of the other!  Anyway, they make leis out of them.  We have mostly yellow.  There is a small pink, but it doesn't flourish like the yellow.

 Ruby Tuesday:

OK, this is a repeat and it's my fault.  I posted this for Camera Critters, but then, as often happens, forgot to link it, so it only got one comment.  Because I love Jeffie so much, and because he's adorable, and because I changed the room, and because the pillow qualifies for "ruby", and because I want to, I am re-posting this picture so everyone can enjoy his adorableness : )  Heeeeeeerrrrrrrs Jeffie!

The story can be found on this past Saturday's post if you're interested.

Busy, busy weekend.  Can't wait to mix up my Alton Brown breakfast smoothie and sit back and watch my recorded Next Food Network Star and Next Design Star shows.....have a few hours before that can happen though.

Have a wonderful day and a fantastic week, and try to make it better for someone else too - you'll get it back twofold.  Peace.  B : )


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I'm about ready to get crackin' around the house, but I wanted to stop by and tellya, I've never seen bison in OUR WalMart's meat wonder if that's just a thing in certain areas of the country.

Glad to know you had a better time getting my blog to load.

And that spotted plant...that's the oddest ever, yet so cool.

Gail said...

I shall try Chrome.

Great unknown flowers, I love the different and now, the unnamed.

Is that an IG in your bed??

Ricepatty said...

You just amaze me and your garden is extreem to say the least!

Ricepatty said...

You just amaze me and your garden is extreem to say the least!

☺lani☺ said...

cool shots!

Manang Kim said...

Oh my I did change my browser to Chrome from Firefox. Before I knew firefox I used IE but it was too slow. My niece told me to change to Firefox and I did. When I knew that Chrome is much faster I research it first and I got a good result that's when I decided to change to Chrome. It doesn't take time to learn how to use Chrome though.
Now here is what I observe with Chrome...I have many meme's that I joined and we don't know if when we landed to a certain blogsite if it has malware, spyware or tupperware (joke!) haha. I noticed several times if a certain blog has malware google chrome won't let you enter to that site, it gives you a notice that this certain has malware (color red) and it's up to you to proceed or not. For me I won't and it helps a lot I guess to minimize the malware, spyware crawling to our system. So far Chrome is excellent.

Blueberry Lane

Martha (MM) said...

Ricepatty was so nice she said it twice :-)

I confuse foxfire and firefox too - I'm definitely going to try Chrome now.

Always love your beautiful plants!

Happy Nablopomo-ing this month :-)

Martha (MM) said...

PS - love the new layout too :-)

Mellodee said...

If I recall correctly from my one and only trip to Hawaii a thousand years ago, leis are made with flowers called Plumeria. Don't know if that's what you have though. Not so helpful I guess. :)

Spadoman said...

I am so glad I came here. (I found you on the Ruby Tuesday blogroll). I got to see a lot of meme activity. Yellow flowers,( lei flowers i call 'em), and the green stem is thick and round. I use plant stems for craft projects I do. I'd love to try and work with that think green stuff. (watch out fior the poison ivy).
I like the splotch of red in the photos. It is such a striking color, it looks great in contrast. To be honest, people's pets are people's pets. (Good Fido.)
I especially like your peace salutation, enormously! A wish for peace is akin to a greeting from an old friend in my mind.
Very nice here.


reg said...

I love the name you gave that flower, It is fantastic what ever the name

Nora Johnson said...

Great shot of Jeffie! Love yr blog too!

Happy Ruby Tuesday,


btw Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me.

Nora Johnson said...

Great shot of Jeffie! Love yr blog too!

Happy Ruby Tuesday,


btw My post this week is HERE. Hope you can join me.

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