Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday, Weekend Reflections, NaBloPoMo Green

Happy Sunday!  Look at the shadow on this church in North Port, the shadow with the big "eye".  It reminds me of something and I can't pinpoint what.  Nutcracker? Indian icon?  What do you think?  Oh, and please note that the church behind the shadow is drop-dead gorgeous!
In a previous post, I showed what the sun did as it came through the window in the doorway to our foyer.  Look what it did this time.  Almost looks like an etching on the mirror.  Wow if only I were an old letch, I could invite someone to come see my etching : )  BTW, this first etching photo is best seen small, but when you get down to the NaBloPoMo-Green shot, please make it nice and big.
You can also see the reflection of the coat rack and the shell wreath, in the mirror, and the reflection of the 60's style bead curtain in those pictures.  And do you see that yellow harness?  That belongs to a DOG OF THE MONTH!  We just got the call yesterday.  We didn't know Ricky had submitted a centerfold picture to Dog Fancy - oh wait, just kidding.  What really happened is this - our local animal shelter SUNCOAST HUMANE SOCIETY produces a calendar every year.  For $25 you can be sure your animal will be on the calendar, in a small shot.  That means $100 for us, but the shelter is so worth it, and that's where we got Ricky.  Anyway, they vote and choose the 12 months and the cover shots which will be larger and RICKY GOT ONE OF THE MONTHS!!!  We don't know yet if he will be Mr. March or Mr. December or what, but we are on Cloud Nine.  Everyone says Ricky should be in the movies - maybe he'll get his big break now.  He's not just totally cute though,  he's also the world's best dog, shhhh, I meant boy, not dog - we never call our dogs "dog".  Why yes, thank you, I DO know we're weird : )

Anyway, on to NaBloPoMo-Green, which also has a shadow in it and I'll be there's even a reflection on those wings if you could only see it:
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.  If you'd care to explore these memes further, please click on the appropriate button(s) to the right.  Peace. B : )


SparkleFarkle said...

I love "seeing"! You know, seeing beyond seeing? There are so many imagey-treasures out there, right under our little noses. I love it when imagination and merely keeping eyes open play nice together! Now THAT'S really seeing! Your divine reflections and shadows are a magical feasts for the eye! Bravo and thanky!

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS, Ricky! A star is born!


James said...

Great reflection B. It's so bright. I do see the Nutcracker on the side of the church. Good eye!

jeff campbell said...

Has an eery almost ghostlike feel...very nice ;-) Peace

Hey Harriet said...

These are all fantastic captures! LOVE that first photo. And a big congrats to Ricky! Have a great week :)

PS - sorry for the Mr Linky hassles. I've just entered your link now.

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