Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watery Wednesday - solid

Can you SEE the ice on this water???

This is SouthWest Florida folks!  The water in the solar panels on our roof froze!  This is just not right.  If I wanted to be cold, I could have stayed in New Jersey : )   Peace and warm toes.  B : )  P.S.  Please think of how cold the homeless are in your town and open your hearts and wallets, if you can...after all, it could happen to you in a flash!

Please click on the button to the right to see more water, and add your own shots. 


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Hey B, We're watery wednesday virtual neighbors! Mr. GDP was in Florida this week and he said is was COLD. Your photo just screams COLD. And the solar panel story...... wow!

Please protect the citrus fruits for us!


Ricepatty said...


eileeninmd said...

This winter and the cold weather in Florida is freaky. I can not wait for winter to be over. Stay warm!

Linnea W said...

Yes, I see it! It shouldn't get so cold in Florida. Hope it warms up very soon and gets back to normal.

Martha in PA said...

Just stopping by from last week, since this weeks' WW does not seem to be up yet! One of our Orlando friends whose family goes every Sat to feed the homeless, said that hardly any came out, the chose to stay warm rather than come out in the cold for food!

Thanks for all your comments this week! The book I am reading is good. I saw the movie on Lifetime, but long enough ago I don't remember all the details!

Have a great week!

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