Saturday, January 2, 2010

Color Carnival - it's back!!

Our home has been called many things - comfortable and welcoming are the two I think I like the best.  One thing that it is for sure, no matter what, is COLORFUL!!  Here's just one shot, and please look past the fireplace.

Martha, from Menagerie and several other awesome blogs, is back on board with her Color Carnival - please join in by clicking on the button to the right.
Have a colorful day!  Peace.  B : )


storyteller said...

Your home looks festively colorful and welcoming too ;-)

I shared Colorful PINK Flowers from Sunny Southern California at Happily Retired Gal this morning. Enjoy ;-)
Here’s to a COLORFUL New Year!
Hugs and blessings,

Ricepatty said...

Great CC! I just love that fireplace :)

Martha@Menagerie said...

Beautiful B! Thanks for playing as always :-)

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