Friday, January 8, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

Although the actual shots of the moon look awful, the rings were really there, as you see them.  I have seen "wet" moons before where there is a fuzzy halo close to the moon, but these were distinct rings and they went out and out and out until I almost counldn't fit them in the viewfinder.

Please join the SkyWatchers by clicking the button to the right.  Peace.  B : )

Edit:  I just looked at these and you really have to try hard to see the rings, even when you enlarge the pix - sorry, they looked better here on my computer.  Here's a bonus shot for you :


Manang Kim said...

Very lovely shot of the moon..and the third one is awesome too. Happy Weekend!


In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Oh it is so hard to get those night/moon shots, I've tried too. The rings are visible and interesting.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

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