Monday, July 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday - a trip to the doc's office

Had a routine meds-check visit to the doc's Friday and I stopped on my way out to snap a few pics of this gorgeous tree

Here it is closer up - this shot would make a wonderful jigsaw puzzle - I'm thinking about making that a new meme (would-be puzzle shots, not yellow trees) - what do you think?

Have a wonderful Mellow Yellow Monday and if you'd care to see more, or enter your own shot, just click on the alphabet button to the right.

Many thanks to Hootin' Anni for pointing out that my background left me.  She is SUCH an amazing woman.  I'm trying out new ones now (background, not amazing women).  I have ALWAYS loved red and yellow together, which you probably know.  Peace.  B : )


ilovepink said...

great photos! I love the scenery with yellow reflection.

stan said...

the entire tree is filled w those roses! wow!

Manang Kim said...

What a beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

These yellow flowers—
I am content to behold them
and to hear their song.

Yellow Taxi to Adventure

Vicki ~ FL said...

Beautiful B....

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