Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ellen Hutson - a great place to buy crafty things

There are many placed on the internet to buy items for your arts/crafts, of course, but some just rise to the top.  Ellen Hutson is like that.  She carries the nicest, best quality things - all things that are just perfect for papercrafting (she has other things too, but I do papercrafting).  Almost every time I get her newsletter in my e-mail, I buy something.  I have never met her, but through her e-mails and newsletters and her shop and blogs, I just get the feeling that she is quiet, serene, interested in helping others, has a wonderful sense of elegant style, knows what she's doing, etc.  These are all reasons I enjoy purchasing from her shop.  Check it out.  Enjoy!  Peace.  B : )

I would be honored if you would visit my new on-line store and see some of the cards I have been making. Feel free to purchase some if you would like : )  Much of what I use is purchased through Ellen.

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