Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday, Ruby Tuesday, and pretend it's still the 4th of July so you can say..........

Happy birthday America and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CICI!!!  One year with us and how did we ever live without this little critter.  Here she is the day I picked her up:
and here she is now:
with her face full of leaves - the real Ci.  Love you punky.

And here is Mellow Yellow Monday:
How I love my Crocs - been wearing "faux" ones for several years now, but finally got a real pair - $10 at Big Lots (usually $30).  They take away a lot of pain and they make me smile.  The yellow has been on my list from the beginning, so I got not only real Crocs but my yellow ones all at once and at a bargain price.  I am blessed : )

And here is Ruby Tuesday:
This is the well worn top of a large and old wind chime - one of the things I see quite often from my retired woman's recliner chair : )

If you would like to join in on these lovely memes, please click on the appropriate button(s) to the right.  Have a happy day and help someone else have one too.  Peace.  B : )


Manang Kim said...

A red bandana and a beautiful flip flop looks like it's ready to go swimming? Happy Tuesday!

Wild blackberries

eileeninmd said...

Great photos! And your Cici is a real cutie! I would have had to take her home too. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

what an amazing looking chime. it must make some sort of noise when it's windy.
My Ruby Redness

Martha (MM) said...

Happy Anniversary Ci and happy yellow croc wearing to you B!

Sorry I haven't been around, been even more busy this summer than I am during the school year! But you have been in my thoughts *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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