Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh boy am I behind!! AND I have a question....

Question - has anyone else experienced any changes in Blogger?  My pictures used to go where I put them, but lately they've been going to the top of the post and I have to move them to where I want them.  It's always possible I changed a setting, being an impatient clicker, but I was wondering if this happened to anyone else????

For every gardening joy

you will find at least one, maybe more, gardening upsets.  For instance, the Passion Flower (above) is invasive AND the bugs do horrible things to the veggies:
Projectile vomiting cloud

The Color Carnival meme has changed some of the rules, so I'm not quite sure this can be entered yet, but here it is before I forget it : )  I'll go check later.
It's hot here and humid too!

I asked my DH why it's back was so bumpy and he said it's probably babies - don't look if critters make you squeamish : )

Looks kind of Halloweenish doesn't it?

Look at all the little bitty palm trees along the curves of my car - looks like custom pin striping!!

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Sure hope your weekend is going great - and that next week is even better.  Peace.  B : )


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful series of meme photos. Love the gourds and the sky is a pretty shot. Great capture of the reflections and the shadows.

Emma said...

Wow, all of these pictures are amazing. The passion flower is just stunning - I think that has to be my favourite of the pics.

BTW, re blogger - yup I'm finding that too - seems it's not just me!! Have you tried blogger in draft - it's slightly better and has some fab layouts in the designer, just not many seem to know about it. if i remember correctly.

sarayutouched said...

love the shape of your shadow...not so crazy about the bumpy spider...

Jessica said...

I love passion flowers! So pretty! And eeek about the spider! Not so pretty! :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Aw, everyone else is giving the spider a hard time, so I'll put in a good word for her (or him): Keep weaving those terrific webs!

Shimmering Shadow

Ann said...

The passion flowe is very beautiful, nice macro. What insects will come out?

Kcalpesh said...

These are interesting captures! Loved the reflection photos!!

Pixellicious Photos

Nefertiti said...

magnifiques photos bravo ! ;O)

Ricepatty said...

Love the palm trees on the fender! How cool :) I have been having that same problem with the photos no matter what I click for where I want the pics they are always on top - once in a while it works but other than that they are always on top - tought it was just me.

siteseer said...

beautiful passion flower. re: blogger... Mine has always been like that... I'd love for it to show up where I put it lol. I often put them in backwards (last first working backwards to the first) that way when I go to put in the dialog I preview and look at the picture then journal. Wish I could do it the way it used to work for you.

Matty said...

I'm not sure which is prettier, the reflections of the palm trees on the car, or the car itself.

LC said...

The passion flower may be invasive, but it is lovely! Larry

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