Sunday, May 23, 2010

Color Carnival, Camera Critters, Six Word Saturday, Shadow Shot Sunday, Weekend Reflections

Holy Camoley, is it the weekend already?  I have to go back to work; this busy retired life is killing me!

And yes, I forgot to vote again, but the three winners this week are certainly more than deserving!  That one with the thread makes me drool.  Speaking of drooling, here's Mikey's cake for this year -

and it was sooooo good - gotta LOVE a Publix cake!

Here I was trying to take some good pictures of the White Bird of Paradise.  This is harder than you think because, for one thing, it's very tall, and the flowers are a translucent-irridescent sort of off white color, like those pretty paint jobs on expensive cars.  Except for one petal on each flower which is a pastel shade of, ohhhh, probably periwinkle (check your Crayola box). All around the flowers, the plant is pretty nasty.  Anyway, when I checked the pictures, there was a bird, in every shot.  Can you find him/her in all of them?

Did you find them all?

God, please help the oily wildlife.

Eeek - is it a monster?  Is it an upside down giant bunny?

Here is Joy, reflecting on the relections in the pool..reflecting on whether or not she will ever get in it...reflecting on when her Daddy might be not too busy to finish it..reflecting on how her Mommy thinks it is a blessing, finished or not : )

Click on the button(s) to the right to see what these memes are all about.  Hope you have a happy weekend.
Peace : )


Sherrie said...

Love that giant monster shadow! It does look like an upside down bunny. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

eileeninmd said...

I enjoyed your photos. Yes, I did find the Mockingbird in the photos. Neat capture of the sahdow monster.

Martha (MM) said...

Great shots B and I especially love your bright and colorful shot for Color Carnival this week - I'm leaving the voting open longer this week and even longer starting in June so everyone has time to make it back to vote :-)

Have a great week!

James said...

Great reflection. The pool even gives it a nice color.

Manang Kim said...

I find your photos funny and something creepy lol! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday!

SSS~Giant me

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

LOL... giant monster! funtastic.

Love the reflection too.

Happy SS

"Lillagul" said...

What a colorful cake !
Perfect for color carnival !
Japp , I could find at least one bird in every picture. After been looking hard :)

lynda Howells said...

love your images for Shadow shot sundayx lyndax

Hey Harriet said...

haha! Cute upside down giant bunny shadow!

Sharon Wagner said...

I always get some breakfast bread at Publix in the South. But we don't have them here.

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