Monday, November 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

This is Big Red and she's sitting next to her friend Omar.  Their sole purpose in life is to make me happy and they're very good at it.  Funny how some very little things can do that, huh?  My friend Patrice at Ricepatty's Repertoire gave me Big Red.  I gave myself Omar.  Not a day goes by that I don't laugh at them, but they don't mind.  I can't get a good shot of her because she has a very shiny forehead and she sits under a tubular skylight.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Mellow Yellow Monday

When this sign was given to me, I had three Greyhounds, so I wrote in the S with permanent marker.  As you can see, nothing is permanent in the Florida sunshine. But now that we only have Jeff left, it's OK that it's fading. Everything in life has a way of working out doesn't it?  If you would like to join in the Mellow Yellow Monday fun, please click on the button of the same name.  Have a marvelous Monday.  Peace.  B : )

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

One of Ci's favorite toys - her bunny.  She likes the chubby toys best because she uses them to help keep herself from barking when the excitement wants to burst out of her.  She taught herself that.

Have a happy day - let the excitement burst out of you.  Peace.  B : )

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Color Carnival - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes folks, I said it - the C word - and I meant it.  In honor of my friends, Patrice and Marti most notably, and myself, I am saying the Christmas word.  But come on - what else does this picture look like if not Christmas (well it looks like the WalMart garden shop, yes, but Christmas for sure).

Thanks to the marvelous Martha at Menagerie, we get to continue our Color Carnival entries, even though she's taking a break from it for Christmas - thank you dahling!  You can do so by clicking on the Color Carnival button to the right. Have a colorful day.  Peace.  B : )

Camera Critters

There are just so many critters in my life, thank God, that I couldn't make up my mind, so today I chose one of Victor's critters:

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Please go to to see many, many beautiful shots, and perhaps add yours.  Here's mine:

Have a wonderful day - don't shop too hard : )
Peace.  B : )

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Way ThursWay - and Happy Thanksgiving!

Believe it or not, I actually didn't have to leave my yard to find a signpost.  I sort of hate to share this picture, for two reasons:  One, this was taken after my husband did a major maintenance on this part of the yard and ripped down all the vines that were growing, it looks awful.  Two, I think the signpost is stolen, but it's been there since before we moved in, so we had nothing to do with it officer, honest!!

Have a super wonderful Thanksgiving.
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Peace!  B : )

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ABC Wednesday - S is for so many things!

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S is for smile - a great big one from my great-great-nephew, Brandon

S is for sand - at the Dog Beach

S is for surprise - when I got these two plants I thought they were some kind of red maple trees - now look what they've done - looks like a hibiscus type bloom, and they're not flowering maples, they have a different flower - any ideas?

S is also for stripes and spots - this is another croton and those light spots are not the lighting:

S is for sky - two shots I got the other morning and surprised myself

S if for sad - the closing of the Venice K-Mart

Have a happy day - feel your emotions!  Peace.  B : )

Watery Wednesday

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At the dog beach - the water was a little rough.  That's the Venice Municipal Fishing Pier in the distance.  Do you see the angel fish in the sky?  No?  Off to the right there?

Have a happy day.  Hope your waters aren't rough.  Peace.  B : )

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - giving thanks

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Yesterday I was reading one of the papercrafting blogs I read every day, and they were having a contest.  To enter to win, you had to leave a comment saying what was the NUMBER ONE, TOP OF THE LIST THING FOR WHICH YOU WERE GRATEFUL.  I said, that was easy, God....because He was responsible for all the others on the list.  That sure does shorten the list because mine is quite long since I've learned to be thankful for everything, good, bad, ugly, indifferent, everything, because it's all  good in it's own way, and it's all good in how I perceive it.  When I walk the dogs at 4 in the morning, I say my prayers.  I'm easily distracted, so my prayers are interspersed with just random thoughts, but I figure God doesn't mind - he and I have a very informal type relationship.  Today I was thinking about an old boss who used to call me an enigma.  We won't get into that long story today, but I was also thinking how somewhere in my 50's I finally realized that other people had opinions.  Strange, I know, but....that led me to thinking about how some of my opinions are set in stone and I can't see why others even question them.  Such as - which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Well, that's simple to me - the chicken, because God made animals, he didn't make least
that's what I was taught and what I believe.  Creationism and evolution?  No question to me - God made everything, and then everything slowly evolved.  What's so hard about that?  Sorry, if I have offended anyone.  As I now know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, some of them are very interesting and informative, but I have a few rock solid ones that don't change, you're invited to visit them, but you don't have to believe them. 

That was the scenic route to today's thought - this guy with his head on the red pillow is definitely one of my favorite gifts from God.  That's my crazy, clumsy, goofy, lovable Jeffie.  See that crate behind him?  There is another one stacked on top of that.  The pillow was in the top crate.  I guess Jeff decided he would like to lie on that pillow in that patch of sun, so he did.  And I'm grateful, for it all.  Like ripples in water - it spreads out.  I'm grateful for Jeffie, and the red pillow, and the patch of sun, and the pretty room in the nice house in the quaint town in the lovely state in the wonderful country in the interesting world in the amazing solar system, made by God.

Have a great day.  Care to share your thankful thoughts with me?  Leave comments, I love to read them.  Peace.  B : )

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday - CiCi and her yellow travelling water bowl

Ahhh Monday - a chance to start all over fresh - to try to do better than last week - to finish up the things on the ToDo list.  Welcome to Mellow Yellow Monday.  If you'd like to participate, please click on the button with the same name, over to the right.

Have a great day and make it count.  Peace.  B : )

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

If you would like to enjoy more great shadow shots, and perhaps enter one of your own, please click on the Shadow Shot Sunday button on the right.

CiCi and I saw this Stick Bug when we were walking on the Venetian Waterway Park.  If you haven't seen them, they're I guess a cousin to the Preying Mantis.  These guys (and girls) actually look like sticks, or pieces of mulch.  They're pretty wild.  Anyway, here (s)he is:

And now for a confession.  This is from the "Yes, I am a moron sometimes" files.....

I was standing there wondering where that darned shadow went, and noticed my leg was in front of it.  hee hee

Have a happy Sunday and try not to overshadow anyone.  Peace.  B : )

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Color Carnival - whaddaya mean the last one??? I just got started!

Well, I'm just gonna have to give you TWO, in honor of Christmas!

This is a shot I took from part of the Venetian Waterway Park - it's an industrial area and there is a company that makes and repairs trailers for CARNIVALS!!  Not a great shot, but hey, it's CARNIVAL and it's colorful

And here's one for Christmas - it's an old one, but I love it.  It's my MIL's tree. 

That's it.  Happy Holidays and a great big thank you to Martha for hosting this meme and for getting me going : )  Have a great weekend.  Peace.  B : )  Just click on the Color Carnival button to the right to see some more....and to get in your last entry for the year.

Camera Critters - Lazy Lounge Lizard

Here are a couple of pics of Bobber, the big boy lizard (green iguana), who was adopted.

Being a lounge lizard - looks like he's elbowed up to the bar doesn't it?

And just to show you the difference, this is Zimmie.  My youngest step daughter and I bought her for Dad at a pet shop when she was just a few inches long - you've seen them.  That same day we adopted a guinea pig named Harry.  He didn't last as long as Zimmie.  See the difference in color?  that's because Zimmie has been fed right all these years, and Bobber wasn't.  The little white patch on her is a scar from an injury.  Oh BTW, Zimmie is a bastardization of Bob Dylan's real name : )

Have a happy day and be kind to all critters, no matter how many legs they have.  Peace.  B : )

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Friday, November 20, 2009

A card - imagine that!

For my friend's (Patrice) mom who recently lost her beloved kitty.  Peace. B : )

Fertilizer Friday - coffee??

If you're into plants, you know that a lot of swapping goes on -  you share your cuttings, seeds, whole plants with others, and others return the favor.  I always like to know what things are and what they need to be happy and flourish.  Victor just likes to plant them.  He tosses the little name tags and care tags and when someone gives him something, he's hard pressed to remember what it is.  I guess you could call that unconditional love to the plant world and we must admit, he's very good at it.  If you've been following this blog, you've seen some amazing things in our yards - yards that Victor manages.

OK - so here is the official scientific name of this plant, ready?

It is more of a bush than a plant, or a tree.  It's quite lovely and very fascinating - maybe you can see more if you enlarge the photos.

Well, hope you enjoy your Friday whether fertilizer filled or not.  Sorry I can't offer you a cup of some kind of coffee : )  Peace.  B : )

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Way ThursWay - my first time

Well I hope this qualifies - it's not exactly the road:

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Watery Wednesday - I finally got out of the yard : )

Here you go - a picture from NOT in my yard : )

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Peace.  B : )

ABC Wednesday - R is for Ricky

This is Ricky, waiting in his chair for his Daddy to come home:

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

I went out front this morning and another rose had appeared.  So I brought it in and photographed it.  I like the leaf better than the rose because this is another scraggly rose.  But it's all good!  If you'd like to join in on Ruby Tuesday, just click on the little red shoes over to the right.  Have a beautiful day.  Peace.  B : )
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday - brought to you by my early Christmas present

Got a wonderful new very little camera that I can take everywhere, and now I'm getting out more.  This picture was taken at the Venetian Waterway Park, with the new camera.  Hope you enjoy it.

Click on the Mellow Yellow Monday button to the right to see more and to play along if you'd like.  Have a mellow Monday.  Peace.  B : )

Shadow Shot Sunday - she has a shaggy shadow

CiCi and I went for a nature walk along the Venetian Waterway Park

Out of all the terrier mixes on the internet, I picked CiCi partly because of what they wrote about her.  One thing was that you could forget about her hair/fur because as soon as you were all done spending time on it, she would just shake and it would all go back to what it was before.  Ricky, the other furry terrier, has the exact same trait.  I guess it just resonated with me and oh thank you God am I glad it did cause she's such a trip!  I am so very happy she came to live with us.  Have a wonderful Sunday and if you'd like to participate in Shadow Shot Sunday, no matter how hard it is to say, it's easy to play - just click on the button to the right.  Peace. B : )

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Color Carnival

Here is today's Color Carnival entry.  If you'd like to see more and join in on the fun yourself, please click on the Color Carnival button on the right and show the world your stuff : )

Only three colors, but aren't they pretty?  Have a colorful day.  Peace B : )

Camera Critters

CiCi, my new camera, and I all took a nature walk along the Venetian Waterway Park yesterday.  CiCi behaved very well.  The camera behaved even better.  And me?  Well I was just me.  Here's my critter for today:

It's a driftwood cockatiel.  Pretty cool, huh? 
If you want to join, please click on the Camera Critters button to the right.  Have a happy weekend.  Peace.  B : )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - Twofer

Today I am ecstatic about my new tiny little camera that is my early Christmas present that the UPS man delivered yesterday.  I heard his truck and went to the front door, navigating the doggie gate, and there was no package.  As I turned, dejected, my husband was coming in the side door with the package singing "Here Comes Santa Claus".  It's magnificent.  I was very happy with the pictures my old camera produced, but it was so big I never wanted to take it anywhere, hence the tiny one.  Not much learning curve either because it's the same brand.  Giant leaps in technology since the old one and less than half what the old one cost - amazing. 

Anyway, neither of these pix were taken with that camera - I'm just feeling particularly festive so decided to give you TWO pictures - yippee.

Look Ma, muscles!!

These are pipe vines and their flowers, growing in a Porter Weed plant - both are Florida natives.  The pipe vine is kind of funny - costs a bit to buy, has loads of seeds, if you plant them they don't grow, but they plant themselves to the point that you're just overgrown with them.  So the first investment of one scraggly plant was a good one.  The unique thing about pipe vine is that they attract one certain kind of butterfly that is just gorgeous! Their seed pods look like upside down parachutes.  Just a very cool plant.  Some call them Indian Pipe Vine.  I neither know, nor care, the proper name - just love the plant, love that it's native, and love the butterflies.  Flit on over to the Fertilizer Friday button to the right and shovel some of your own : )

Have a lovely day and weekend.  Be kind to one another.  Peace.  B : )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tickle Me Thursday

Since I don't participate in any memes on Thursdays, I just do stuff and things and hope people look at and enjoy them.  I have christened today Tickle Me Thursday and will post some pix of things that make me laugh.  Admittedly, they are mostly my Jeffie.  First, it appears that Jeff is farsighted:

Next is Jeff perfectly happy and content in Ricky's far too small bed:

And here are two shots of Ricky learning to be a Greyhound:
And now a series of shots taken on a funny little mobile home size love seat we bought just for the dogs, years ago.  Jeff, who likes to go around unmaking beds, also used to like to remove all the cushions from the love seat.  We finally just threw out the cushions and put dog beds and quilts on the love seat, and he eventually made holes through to the bottom. These shots show him squeezing in the hole.  We no longer have this love seat, for many reasons.

And the last shot is Jeffie relaxing half on and half off the funny little now defunct love seat:

Have a lovely Thursday - find or make some humor in your day.  Peace.  B : )
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