Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tickle Me Thursday

Since I don't participate in any memes on Thursdays, I just do stuff and things and hope people look at and enjoy them.  I have christened today Tickle Me Thursday and will post some pix of things that make me laugh.  Admittedly, they are mostly my Jeffie.  First, it appears that Jeff is farsighted:

Next is Jeff perfectly happy and content in Ricky's far too small bed:

And here are two shots of Ricky learning to be a Greyhound:
And now a series of shots taken on a funny little mobile home size love seat we bought just for the dogs, years ago.  Jeff, who likes to go around unmaking beds, also used to like to remove all the cushions from the love seat.  We finally just threw out the cushions and put dog beds and quilts on the love seat, and he eventually made holes through to the bottom. These shots show him squeezing in the hole.  We no longer have this love seat, for many reasons.

And the last shot is Jeffie relaxing half on and half off the funny little now defunct love seat:

Have a lovely Thursday - find or make some humor in your day.  Peace.  B : )


Vicki ~ FL said...

It worked B:) made me smile .... cute photos.

Ricepatty said...

Tickled me!! Jeff is so entertaining :)

Martha (Menagerie) said...

I love them all B! :)

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